Last Fall - First 3D MMO on blockchain


First 3D MMO Game on blockchain
Released in September 2020
Pre-alfa, Alfa, Beta may appear at any time

Great features

It's time to game

Hight Graphics

Best graphics with Unreal Engine

Open World

Open world without loading


You can fight monsters as well as other players

Rating with rewards

Rating system will provide additional benefits

Last Fall - Introduction

This is an apocalyptic world of people left after long experiments with human DNA. One of these experiments led to the creation of the KV310 virus, which corrupts the human brain, while preserving animal instincts.

People who find themselves with immunity have not been infected, and now they have to survive in new conditions. People managed to save part of the territories from the infected, where there is hope for life. Exciting battles, many quests, an open world and unforgettable emotions await you.

Try to resist the infected - join Last Fall

Bleed your character and clean the world from the infected, assemble a team, capture "new territories" and get the best equipment

Game profit distribution

Investors who give money for starting a project

Prebuyers will receive EOS from this pool in proportion to their investments at presale

Stake tokens for daily rewards

Pool for buying net resourses and game market regulation

This pool will be used for interrupt new users leads from social networks facebook, instagram and other

This pool for community AMA and devteam

We offer

Next level game on blockchain


Items craft system, weapon, armor and etc.

Raid Boses

Go with your friends to raid bosses to get the best items

Instance Zones

Visit instance zones and you can get a lot of useful items

P2P Economy

Trade with other players and earn currency


Complete quests to gain more experience and items.

Clan sieges

Conquer monsters in a place with a clan or capture them from other clans

Pre sale

Every month 10% discount reduction

Basic 1

0.5 EOS

10 Days Premium
100 Tokens
1 Normal Weapon Box
5 Weapon Upgrade Scroll
1 Random Weapon Box
1 Random Injection Box

Standard 1


1 Month Premium
1000 Tokens
1 Normal Weapon Box
50 Weapon Upgrade Scroll
10 Random Weapon Box
1 Normal Random Injection

Premium 1

20 EOS

3 Month Premium
4000 Tokens
1 Rare Weapon Box
200 Weapon Upgrade Scroll
40 Random Weapon Box
1 Rare Random Injection

Extra 1

50 EOS

6 Month Premium
10000 Tokens
1 Epic Weapon Box
500 Weapon Upgrade Scroll
100 Random Weapon Box
1 Epic Random Injection

Basic 2

0.5 EOS

10 Days Premium
100 Tokens
1 Normal Armor Box
5 Armor Upgrade Scroll
1 Random Armor Box
1 Random Hoverboard Box

Standard 2


1 Month Premium
1000 Tokens
1 Normal Armor Box
50 Armor Upgrade Scroll
10 Random Armor Box
1 Normal Random Hoverboard

Premium 2

20 EOS

3 Month Premium
4000 Tokens
1 Rare Armor Box
200 Armor Upgrade Scroll
40 Random Armor Box
1 Rare Random Hoverboard

Extra 2

50 EOS

6 Month Premium
10000 Tokens
1 Epic Armor Box
500 Armor Upgrade Scroll
100 Random Armor Box
1 Epic Random Hoverboard

Basic 3

0.5 EOS

100 000 Silver
100 Tokens
2 Random Injection Box
2 Random Hoverboard Box

Standard 3


1 200 000 Silver
1 000 Tokens
25 Random Injection Box
25 Random Hoverboard Box

Premium 3

20 EOS

5 500 000 Silver
4 000 Tokens
120 Random Injection Box
120 Random Hoverboard Box

Extra 3

50 EOS

15 000 000 Silver
10 000 Tokens
250 Random Injection Box
250 Random Hoverboard Box

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Video trailer

The trailer for the game Last Fall will be available soon

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